March 2017

February 2017

Apple slams Trump order rescinding transgender protections

Also Thursday, Tech Stands Up, a grassroots organization of tech workers in opposition to the Trump administration also added its support. "Transgender rights are human rights," the group said in a statement. "We strongly oppose any government action that signals widespread rejection of a whole group of people." The group is helping organize a March 14 rally of tech workers to protest Trump.

Silicon Valley’s backlash against Trump is being led by employees

Taylor took to Facebook to suggest a massive tech-employee walkout on March 14; the rallying cry was quickly picked up by supporters that included Nest product lead Mark Rose. As of Feb. 7, more than 1,2000 had RSVPd yes on Facebook. Other grassroots groups, like Tech Solidarity, are also getting in on the action.

Tech's latest start-up: Anti-Trump activism

"Most of Silicon Valley works like this. It's every start-up ever," Rose says of his work on Tech Stands Up. "When people join the group, they say, Where do we start? And we say, It's just like a start-up. Find something. Do something. Get something done. It's very grassroots and it's relying heavily on people communicating with each other very quickly and understanding what to build and building it quickly."

January 2017

#DeleteUber: how tech companies are taking sides in the battle over Trump

Brad Taylor, a software engineer at Optimizely, said that the rank and file of the tech industry tended to be ahead of the top executives when it came to wanting to take political or moral stances. Taylor is organizing a day of protest on 14 March, urging tech workers to walk out at 12pm to urge company leaders to take more forceful stands against Trump.

Silicon Valley is financing the fight against Trump's immigration policy

Shortly after learning of Trump's order, Brad Taylor, a 37-year-old engineer for web analytics firm Optimizely, began organising "Tech Against Trump," a protest scheduled to take place on March 14. Taylor said he was heartened by tech leaders' statements over the weekend but wants to see the industry go further." The purpose of this is not to be against tech, but to urge them to be on the right side of history," he said.