Tech Stands Up for Immigration Reform for Education with LGBTQ with People of Color for Homeless with Women for the Environment

Our Mission

Tech Stands Up is a grassroots movement giving a voice to the rapidly growing concerns about policies affecting the tech community and its users. We believe in creating a space that respects, empowers and includes all. We believe in standing up for the fundamental rights of all communities and persons. We believe in standing up for something, not simply against it. We believe that the same ideals that made Silicon Valley great can be applied to self-governance.

  • The open exchange of ideas
  • Community participation
  • The idea that meritocracy is where the best ideas win regardless of status or power
  • Experimentation and discovery to find the best possible solution

Our three main goals are:

  • Urge our tech leaders to stand up and speak out for our users when policies are enacted that negatively affect our community.
  • Connect technologists to organizations that are being directly impacted, through hackathons, fundraising, mentoring programs, and donating skills/time;
  • Work together with other organizations to bridge the divide between the tech industry and people that technology has disrupted.